I’m not a writer and today I’m feeling 🙃. This is my first post so I’m still trying to figure this out 😂. Today in my house is what we call “Transfusion Watch”. I’m anemic but also have cysts on my Ovaries which causes extensive blood loss. In June 2019 I had a pet scan and it showed high focal uptake in my endometrium and right ovary. I had a PET Scan. A PET Scan, High Uptake usually means cancer/disease. So the next step was a endometrial biopsy which thankfully came back benign. So then July 5th I was told I had ovarian cancer which was localized to my ovaries. This is 99% accurate and the only way to 100% confirm this would be to remove my ovaries. The doctor felt this wouldn’t be a good idea because as many of you know my current condition isn’t well. So this has been monitored via transvaginal ultrasound. I was told by removing my ovaries it’s a huge possibility that would cause it to spread that would involve a full hysterectomy which my body is in no shape to handle that surgery. So about four times a month I have 2 to 3 days of heavy bleeding which we measure. Because I’m anemic and if I lose too much I have to get a blood transfusion. So this is what’s happening today and this causes my BP to become extremely low which explains why am pretty out of it. I compare this to the film BrainDead a.k.a. Dead Alive Famous lawnmower scene. 😁Photo Courtesy of Google: ‘Dead Alive’ Film.

Because of my humor I usually relate my medical conditions to scenes from Horror Movies. I wear a blood pressure wrist cuff all day during these 2-3 days. I do have a heart condition called POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), which adds to the lightheadedness. My Blood Pressure usually bounces but on days like this it runs low, average 70/40. Which explains why I feel loopy 🙃. I usually Stay in bed when this happens to avoid falling so it allows me to catch up on lots of Horror Movies 😁. So in honor of today my first watch will be Dead Alive 😁.

6 thoughts on “Feeling Kreepy 😁

  1. Instead of one of the smiley charts to tell doctors and nurses how we’re feeling, how about a Peter Jackson Chart?

    “I’m feeling Bad Taste this morning.” or “I’m somewhere between Meet the Feebles and Return of the King”

    Let them figure out what the hell it means.


      1. I’ll dig into the vaults. “The guy in The Mutilator who stands there and lets the killer cut him in half with the electric saw instead of running away? That’s how I feel.”


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