In Greek mythology Priapus was a minor rustic fertility god, protector of livestock, fruit plants, gardens and male genitalia . Priapus is marked by his oversized, permanent erection.

Image Of Priapus From Wikipedia.

Aphrodite is an Ancient Greek Goddess Associatied with love, beauty, passion, sexualityand procreation.

Image of Aphrodite From Wikipedia

Now After reading about lovely Greek mythology, I’d like to discuss “Dick Pics” and “Belfies” (For those that don’t know a Belfie Is a Selfie of a Butt) 😁. Since this has been a hot topic the past couple days I will first discuss dick pics. Some may have on their profile that they welcome them but others that don’t, I wonder how do you choose who you’re going to send one to? Do you put names in a hat and pick one out and say “hey I’m going to send Kelly a dick pic today”. 😂 Or is there some secret strategy that we are unaware of 🤷‍♀️ Some girls and guys may want them and appreciate them. You may have even met your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, life partner via dick pic. But for those that send them when there is nothing in a bio implying they want one, and yes I have gotten them before, I always respond you need to write my dad a letter of apology 😂, I’ve always wanted to understand how I was chosen. I just do this to be funny because I don’t get easily offended but speaking to some friends who have told me they receive them, they do get offended and it’s not okay. So unless your penis has a cure for cancer or was the mold for the Sculptor of Stanley Kubrick’s Film Clockwork Orange, I’m not interested 😂 (Which has nothing to do with the size. It’s a Funny Way For Me To State Again That I Am Not Interested.) 😁

Dutch sculptor Herman Makkink with the Rocking Machine, a penis sculpture, from Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, 1971. Photo by: Fiona Makkink.

Now we move onto the Belfies. Belfies are posted all over Social Media. The most common Belfie is the one where a girl or a boy puts their ass on the bathroom counter to give it a lift and then they snap a selfie in the mirror. I haven’t heard anything negative about that 😂. But I just wanted to say men get slack for sending dick pics but yet nobody complains about a Belfie, that I’m aware of… 😂 But just remember girls and guys still sending unwanted pics is not okay. Unless it is welcomed in the bio. As the wise Sir Mix-A-Lot said “I like big butts and I cannot lie”.

Artist: J. Scott Campbell.

I just wanted to say everyone, I wrote this to be a funny. No offense to anyone and I hope it Made You Laugh. 😂

8 thoughts on “Dick Pics And Belfies

  1. I love that you provide illustrate your “point” (pun intended!). Smiles all around…but please, no Dick pics for me (unless they are of Burt Ward as young master Grayson in Batman)


  2. I love that you provide pictures to illustrate your “point” (pun intended!). Smiles all around…but please, no Dick pics for me (unless they are of Burt Ward as young master Grayson in Batman)

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