Life is Full of LOVING and KIND people. But there’s always someone out there that has no compassion or empathy for others. These people are toxic. They attempt to suck the positive energy out of the universe.

The first step is identifying these people and removing them from your life. If they are a friend it’s always good to reach out and comfort them but if you see these actions are getting worse it’s best to let go.

It’s proven that difficult people are usually drawn to those that are reasonable and kind. Approaching these behaviors can be tricky depending on what the cause is. Substance abuse, change in peers, self loathing, envy… This is considered Erratic Behavior Change.

This person may act extremely difficult, different, abusive, angry, throwing temper tantrums, blaming others for their behavior, having difficulty with interacting with society…

After many attempts to help, you may have to just let go. You can’t help someone that doesn’t want help.

I’m writing this from personal experience. Many of you know I have a “Bully”, as I put it. This person was a friend for many years. In early 2019 their behavior changed. I wasn’t the only person who noticed. The person who was once a fun loving girl changed into a hateful person who disliked everyone and everything around her. After many failed attempts of helping, while my health was declining with my ongoing battle with cancer, I finally chose to let her go. I now realize this was the best choice for myself but the problem is she still won’t accept this. I’m waiting for the day this will stop but the more I see, as her behavior is worsening, the more I feel I made the right decision.

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3 thoughts on “TOXIC

  1. It’s difficult to figure out who’s nasty & who’s nice. I’ve been fooled before. That’s when you unfortunately should just “unfollow” instead of create animosity and hatred of which you speak. I like to believe toxic people will eventually be outed and no one will listen to them.
    Occasionally, even two decent people with differing opinions and views can have a communication breakdown, a misunderstanding, or a disagreement. In that case, if the dispute can be talked out, two normal rational people whose hearts are in the right place can agree to disagree. That’s why a person such as you, Kelly, who opens their heart and lets others in, ought to be treasured, and whose opinions and thoughts should always be respected. For instance, I am with you when you say The Exorcist should be rated a TEN! Others can give their lower rating, though, even if they’re wrong! I’d like to believe no one can disagree with anyone on all that!


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