I know some of you that have been following my medical journey noticed that it’s been getting worse since 2018. This is because my Radiation Necrosis has grown. Most recently October 2019.

Definition: Radiation Necrosis of the Brain continues to eat up brain cells. This is called “Cell Death”. Brain Tissue that Suffers such Injury can Die off Months or Years After Treatment. This is a late occurring and often FATAL Side Effect Known as “Radiation Necrosis”.

It started in 2017 and would come and go throughout the day. I got used to it so rarely mentioned it other than to my Hospital. Every few months I was diagnosed with something different, Some linked to the radiation and some not (Which I will go into on another Day). Brain Tumor (Cancer) 2010, 2015, 2018. Radiation Necrosis 2017-Present. Growing Slowly. They call this Stable/Progressive.

I started losing my vision which is a condition called an Optical Atrophy. My vision is extremely blurry some days worse than others. I also have no peripheral vision which is very scary. It used to last anywhere from two hours on and off from the longest episode lasting eight hours.

Since October 2019 I rarely get a break from these episodes. This is extremely scary I just close my eyes and curl up and just hope that it goes away. I use movies to describe a lot of my side effects to others. My Neuro said many of my descriptions are similar to others descriptions. I will add, it does depend on the area of the brain that is effected, which determines the symptoms the patient will have. Imagine being in the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. NOT IN A GOOD WAY. (I know some of you are thinking “That seems fun 😂”.)

Image From Google: ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ Film.

As I mentioned it’s getting worse and mine cannot be treated because of the location and my other health conditions. In Late 2018 it measured 5.5 cm they stopped measuring it after that. I will have the exact measurements January 13, 2020. It’s growing.

So combined with my other health conditions and my Radiation Necrosis this will explain why I’ve been in the hospital so much since October 2019. If I didn’t have the Treatment I would have died so for me it’s a Double Edged Sword. I Ended Up With Those Fucking Rare Side Effects 👽

• I will say this is a beneficial cancer treatment for many. I just got the “rare side effects” on that long consent form you sign before treatment. •

Today it started at 2:30 AM EST. And is now starting to ease at 7:45 PM EST. This Happens EVERYDAY.

I just thought I would explain this on my blog because Twitter doesn’t allow enough characters to go into detail. I love chatting with you all about Horror Movies, Supporting Your Projects, Retweeting Your Post and Horror News. You ALL Have become what we call in the Horror Community, My Horror Family. You ALL Bring a smile to my face and I love responding to each and every one of your comments and post, I just wanted to explain why I haven’t been able to the last few days. That’s why I use emojis or like your tweets. But I prefer to engage in conversations because you ALL are so interesting and I enjoy talking to each and every one of you. This will ease but it will come back and it will never go away until it does what the “description” says it will do.

I’m still here and fighting Horror Fam. I appreciate your support very much. And I will be online daily. Whether I reply with a like, emoji, comment or a retweet (On good days, the days I look forward too, there will be much Horror Movie Chats) I’m with you. ❤️

8 thoughts on “Radioactive Mind ☢️

  1. I pray for you every day, Kelly & really wish there was more I could do…but glad to know you’re still able to enjoy twitterin’ with your Horror Family. I enjoy the fun (and sometimes funny!) things you talk about…and am sad when you let us know you’re having a not-so-great day…but still want to know, even about the bad days—That’s what Family is for.


  2. Have you tried taking cbd? I was a budtender on the medical side of a dispensary. I had several patients come in w cancer and other ailments. One of them had late stage testicular cancer and just wanted pain relief as he waited to die. I told him there was no expiration date on his head. One thing he never tried was cbd along w his thc. I told him to take as much cbd as he could afford. I read a ton of scientific research studies that suggested while cbd was no cure it showed big time promise to slow the growth of cancerous cells and promoted healing (and dealt w pain to boot). Long story short he started taking cbd and within months he came back to me and thanked me profusely and told me I saved his life. I take no credit for his remission and recovery. I’m not saying this will help u but I can only hope that it may help if u have the ability. The world needs people like u. I’m on twitter (@frankbranches). Wishing you the best of luck, keep fighting! 🙂


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