Artist: Zinfer

I just read a post on Filters, Social Media, Bullying, and Followers/Unfollowers.

My take on filters. LOVE THEM ❤️! We can actually correct a blemish or blur a scar, or in my case correct a Skin Ulcer that’s caused by a serious medical condition called Scleroderma (can’t put makeup on a open wound). Makeup Artist use them to make their Artistry Pop 💋. The post that I read, this person made fun of peoples “Lips and Eyebrows” yet claimed to be a victim of Cyber Bullying. Well isn’t making fun of someone’s lips and brows Bullying? I have no problems with filters and most use them. As long as your comfortable with yourself “without a filter”, that’s what counts. Remember the “Glamour Shot Days” 😂. My mom was always, as she put it, “A Plain Jane”, but I remember seeing my Friends Family Portraits from “Glamour Shots” and They were looking GLAMOROUS DARLING 🤩. Filters or No Filters, Post Whatever you Damn Well Please. It’s Self Love That Matters. ❤️

My take on Social Media. LOVE IT ❤️! I’ve met so many AMAZING People on Social Media. I’m very active in the Horror Community and I would never have a chance to discuss Horror Films with People from all over the world if it wasn’t for Social Media. I’ve also discovered new Horror Movies, Indie Films, Indie Artists, etc… Which I would have never had the JOY of Seeing their Art if it wasn’t for Social Media. With my Health Condition I’m unable to do much. Social Media is my way of Discovering and Sharing these beautiful things that bring me JOY. I’ve also been able to share my health journey with so many and receive so much support that I’m SO GRATEFUL FOR. I’ve been able to help others going through rough times by being a friend. So again I will scream I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA! ❤️

My take on Followers. I use the word Friends not Followers. I interact with almost Everyone so that’s why I use the word Friends. I have no Comment for the post about “Unfollowers” but in my opinion, don’t take it so harsh. It happens.

One of My Favorite Quotes: “Live to Inspire, and one day people will say, because of you, I didn’t give up” – Author Unknown 🦋

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