I Promote Horror because it’s my Passion. My Love. I do this for free. I don’t ask for anything in return. I’m not trying to start a business or charge for promoting. I’m often asked by sites who charge for this, “let’s link up”. This is my personal account. It’s not a job for me. IT IS WHAT I LOVE. No I’m not criticizing those who are trying to start a “Horror Promotion Business”. And I will support you as well. I support EVERYONE. I do this from my bed or the hospital, due to my health. I do this because when I see a film that makes me happy, I want EVERYONE to experience the HAPPINESS and JOY the film brought to me. I always give EVERYONE credit that is involved in the film. CREDIT IS DUE. Sometimes when I post a film it takes me 2 hours to create the post. I look up everyone involved in the film. Cast and Crew. I research their previous and upcoming projects. I find their imbd page, website, and social media to include them in the post. This isn’t easy because I’m visually impaired. I do this because I loved the film and I want everyone involved in that film to be credited. I LOVE HORROR MOVIES. I LOVE THE HORROR COMMUNITY. I APPRECIATE AND RESPECT YOU ALL. ❤️

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