This is a formal Thank You to ALL involved in the making of VFW.

Director: Joe Begos. Producers: Dallas Sonnier, Josh Ethier, Amanda Presmyk. Screenplay: Max Brallier, Matthew McArdle. Cast: Stephen Lang, William Sadler, Martin Kove, Fred Williamson, George Wendt, David Patrick Kelly,
Sierra McCormick,
Dora Madison Burge.

As many of you know I watch horror movies daily. On average 1 to 7 a day. Many of you know my medical condition as well so when I get bad news I tend to stick to films that I’ve watched, I know, and love. I call those films my “comfort food”. VFW is now added to my list of “comfort food”. VFW is not just full of awesome fight scenes and tons of great gore FX. It has character connection. You may have seen the cast. Yes they are actors from all our favorite horror gems. There is VFW bars everywhere. My dad goes to one, called Gooses. VFW movie caught the reality of the bond my dad and his friends have. No my dad isn’t fighting drug dealers with a axe but the connection with his friends is the same. They have each other’s back. So that’s where the character connection came in for me. It wasn’t forced. It felt real. When they felt pain, I did. When they fought, I wanted to help. Let’s just say VFW pressed a bar rag firmly on the artery of my bleeding heart. I can’t get this film out of my mind. It really blew me away. Yes, there’s tons of AWESOME fight scenes. Tons of AWESOME FX. But with this film you also receive a great Storyline which will touch your heart. I nicknamed this film “Horror with Heart”. This isn’t a review but a THANK YOU. VFW was much needed for me right now and it’s definitely Horror Therapy. Whether you are having a rough time or not, this film is every Horror Fans dream. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND seeing VFW. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Thank You To ALL the Cast and Crew involved in the making of VFW.