Since the incident last week involving “Film Twitter”, I’ve seen many articles posted about the effects of Bullying and Suicide Awareness. This is a Positive!!! Some are posted by Celebrities, Columnist, Activist, and Actual Bullies Themselves. The more people that speak on this matter the more Awareness it will get. Whatever your reason is: “Self Assurance”, “Hire Me”, or simply because you got caught (for being a Bully) and NEEDED to fix your identity to portray a “Kind Hearted Person”… KEEP THESE POSITIVE POSTS COMING.

Yes I know there are many types of Bullies. We have the bored ones who just like to start problems to create negative attention. We have the insecure ones who like to bash others to make their own insecurities ease. We have the “Character Persona”, which are individuals that are trying to be perceived as a “Sarcastic and Humorous Character”, in some cases this is okay as long as you’re NOT bashing the hell out of others to the point where they are in tears. *Friendly Banter isn’t Bullying*. Then we have the most dangerous type, The Misanthropist: (A General Hatred, Dislike, Distrust, or Contempt of the Human Species or Human Nature.)

My “Bully” is a Misanthropist:

• “How do you kill someone without being rude”

• “I am using this aimed at a specific total cunt 😂.”

(Exact quotes including the 😂 emoji and yes this person sent some messages knowing I was in the hospital and I asked her/him to “Please Stop”.)

Just a “few” Examples of some Comments I Received…

*As I mentioned this has been going on since October and because I don’t acknowledge it I’ve been able to ignore it.*

My bully, I feel so childish even saying the word, happened to be called out Publicly for a matter that had nothing to do with me. Apparently he/she (I won’t reveal a pronoun because I won’t give this person attention) had posted a Blog insulting others appearances on Facebook. On Twitter he/she was approached by many for insulting a recent passing of a celebrity, and right before this made a disgusting comment that’d he/she would “Never Mourn a Celebrities Death”. This person was also questioned for making “Comical Dark Humor” of Morbid Torturous Rape Scenes in more than one film. She/He has removed the disgusting blogs, and comments. Revamped his/her entire page and made a public apology. I know this “new” person you see won’t last long because I do believe people develop evil tendencies and no Medication or Therapist can correct this. Yes I do believe in forgiving but I have no need to talk to this person again. I choose to associate with those that uplift people not put them down.

*UPDATE* Yes I Knew My “Bully” Would Read My Blog And Make ANOTHER Public Statement.

To quote the film ‘The Greasy Stangler’:

“You are a Bullshit Artist”.  Art By: Brian Viveros. Website:

“While you were busy judging others, You left your closet open and a lot of skeletons fell out.”

This isn’t a movie. This isn’t the film ‘Girl Interrupted‘. Your behavior is not okay and I truly hope you realize this.

My thoughts at the beginning of this post on the event that happened on “Film Twitter” that I will NEVER forget. Regardless what that person did, my wishes are that she’s okay and gets the help she needs. My thoughts about the Positive Articles and the Articles Posted for Self Gain, either way you are sending a Positive Message to bring AWARENESS and that’s a definite plus ❤️. And I spoke a bit about my Bully, which I will continue to ignore… It works. If you don’t read the messages, respond, or acknowledge these people they will eventually go away.

If you are experiencing Repetition: This is abuse that happens more than once, please contact someone. Actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, embarrassing someone, or attacking someone physically or verbally, are all types of Bullying. Bullying has become such a problem it’s been given it’s own name due to Suicide Rates, mostly among youths. This term is: Bullycide: A individual who chooses to commit suicide as a result of being bullied. Please know your worth.

“When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless.”

“No one heals themselves by wounding another.” Art By: YUUMEI. Website: