You’re a fraud, a phony, and a fake. Everything about you is a huge mistake. Your narcissistic behavior is getting worse. Your ongoing abuse is why I’m writing this verse.

I can’t fix what’s happening and this is a fact. I can not cure cancer or bring any lives back. You lie about everything including your past. I think it’s your time to be put on blast. Story after story, I can’t keep up. The only thing I can say is you need to be locked up.
You seek diagnosis’s like it’s your quest. When in reality you’re just a huge fucking mess.

You are so obsessed with the film Girl Interrupted. But you know you are just a Girl who is Corrupted.
Lets be real you wish your husband was another. You know who I mean, that one friend you call brother.

Keep telling yourself it’s your new mental state. But YOU really know you are just FULL of hate. You entered this world with a soul that’s decayed. I will never understand why you continue this masquerade.

In your apology you said I became your obsession. A fire lit under you and gave you aggression.
I can’t even imagine feeling your hate. I believe Karma has decided your fate. You’re a Sociopath, Narcissist, and have Multiple Personalities. I now understand that you lack all moralities.

You’re paranoid, delusional, and need to move on. You NEED to get help like we agreed upon. You cried when you confessed. You said you were a hot mess. Causing EVERYONE distress. Get yourself together and balance your chemical process.

You think this is okay and this is a game. I don’t think it’s funny, it’s actually a shame.

Multiple Personalities By: Zinfer

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